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Constitutional Amendments on October Primary Ballot Passed

October 18, 2023 5:34 PM | Anonymous

There were four Louisiana constitutional amendments on this year's ballot in the October 14th primary election, and all four amendments passed.

Amendment 1 passed by 73%. This amendment will prohibit the use of funds and resources from a foreign government or a nongovernmental source for the conduct of elections unless provided for in the election code and subject to restrictions provided by general law.

Amendment 2 passed by 80%. This amendment will harden the constitutional right to worship in a church or place of worship. It will ensure that any restriction placed on the freedom to worship in a church or other place of worship would be required to face the highest bar of judicial review.

Amendment 3 passed by 57%. This amendment will require a minimum of 25% of any money designated as nonrecurring state revenue be applied toward the balance of the unfunded accrued liability of the state retirement systems.

Amendment 4 passed by 66%. This amendment restricts Ad Valorem Tax Exemptions for certain nonprofit organizations. It will force organizations to pay taxes if they're a public safety of health danger. It's a three-strike and you're out policy. All violations have to be code enforcement related, like poor living conditions, hazards on the properties and safety.

Four additional constitutional amendments will be on the ballot for the November 18th election. Click here to read each proposed amendment. 

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