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Kevin Love Fund Offers Free Arts-Based Mental Health Resources for Nonprofits

February 15, 2024 3:25 PM | Anonymous

The Kevin Love Fund offers a free arts-based mental health program that is designed for middle, high school and college students. Kevin Love is an NBA basketball player who has been vocal about his own mental health challenges, and he brought together mental health and education experts to help young people learn skills to share stories from their lives through creative activities.

You can hear more about Kevin’s story and what inspired him to create this program  here. 

 Activities are designed to be flexible and additive if nonprofits are  already using a mental health program with their students, or if you have very little time.

The Kevin Love Fun activities are already being delivered to  more than 55,000 students, and have seen very positive results from initial research; for example, 85% of students participating in the pilot said they felt an increased feeling of belonging in the classroom after completing the curriculum. 83% of students felt they are more likely to reach out to their teacher if they are struggling. 

With the help of Dak Prescott who is from Louisiana, the Kevin Love Fund is launching a focused expansion and is working with other Louisana nonprofits including AmeriCorps. To access the free program, educators attend a one-hour virtual training (also free) that is scheduled around the educator’s availability.  

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